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​How To Get Best Results: Due to the boldness of the colors of some tattoos, you may need to apply a second cover over the first. The instructions on the back of the cover explain how to do this. Once applied, the cover(s) should last for a few days. The tattoo cover appears shiny & "Cracky" at first due to the "Slip Layer" which keeps the tattoo cover from sticking to the protective plastic sheet. This shiny & "Cracky" appearance goes away over the first several hours and as the ink sets, the tattoo cover will blend in better with your skin. The cover(s) will look and feel more like your skin and cover better by the second day. Depending on where the tattoo is located and your skin type, some cracking may appear. Apply cover while skin is in a semi-stretched position to help lessen this effect. If there is hair on the tattoo skin area, shaving the application area may help lessen cracking also. Please make sure your skin is Clean, Cool, Dry and in a semi-stretched position (but not too stretched) when you apply the cover(s). Then make sure you leave it alone for the first hour so it has time to cure. After that it should be very hard to get off. If it cracks, don't worry, it usually looks better after a while and gets even better by the next day as the ink sets in. 

If you store your covers in a room that is dry (low humidity) and between 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, they will keep for at least a year. If they are kept in hot or humid conditions they will not keep as long. Once they are applied, the temperature and humidity won't affect them. These covers are not meant to be a perfect match to all skin tones and types. They are an easy and convenient way to cover your tattoos with no mess or hassle. They are both waterproof and comfortable. If you need them to blend in better with your skin tone because you are using them for a special occasion, several of our customers have used foundation over the cover to make it match their skin better. This also gives a smoother appearance and covers any cracking. Read the "How It Works - Suggestions" section and "Testimonials" section of our web site to learn more about this.

Please keep in mind you are actually looking at the color through the white opaque blocking layers. Once you apply it, those layers are on your skin and you will see the actual color of our covers. It still isn't perfect but much more natural than they appear before they are applied. Also, they become more natural and darker looking over time so after a few hours they look more like skin and even more so after a full day. And 2 layers is darker than one.

Make sure you don't touch the adhesive face of the cover when you put it on because that can cause the part you touch not to stick to your skin. Try to hold it like you would a “CD or DVD” by its edges so you don't contaminate the adhesive. If you are cutting it into the size and shape of the tattoo, either leave the plastic protective sheet on while you cut it or be careful not to touch the adhesive on the part of the cover you will use. Once you have applied the cover(s), do not touch them for a while, give them time to completely dry. Depending on the humidity and temperature the "curing" time may vary. If you have oily skin, clean the application area with rubbing alcohol before applying tattoo cover.

If you purchased a combo pack, you can use different combinations: "Fair over Fair", "Fair over Tan", "Tan over Fair", "Tan over Tan", "Tan over Dark", "Dark over Tan", and "Dark over Dark" to achieve different skin tones.

Also, to get the best results from our tattoo covers and know exactly what to expect, read the entire "FAQ""How It Works", and "Testimonials" pages from our web site: www.HideInk.com 

We are literally just a couple of regular guys, who along with our wives, decided to take our entire savings and invest into this crazy idea we came up with! Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we are trying to continually improve our product and service. Please communicate with us so we can help you get the best results possible.

Our Tattoo Cover's are Hypoallergenic and made from FDA Approved inks!

Many customers are also using our covers to cover birthmarks and scars.


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