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​As an organization that deals with tattoo discrimination and acceptance in the workplace, we hear from hundreds of employees who have to cover visible tattoos. Hide Ink is an innovative and effective way to comply with workplace dress codes. It's a product we recommend to anyone.

~ Nathanael Madden | www.stapaw.com | Marketing Director for Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work

Hi Jay,

Wow! I am thrilled with the product. My wedding is coming up in October, all our family and friends are coming up to Dunk island which is a lovely little island in Australia and because of this pesky birthmark on my leg I was almost dreading having to cover my legs but now I'm not, this is life changing to me, i'm so happy and so greatful. I have spent so much on laser removal with not alot of success. They had been telling me don't worry, just cover it with make up (don't know if you've ever tryed them, they are a pain) I will be telling them about your product at the clinic. They do alot of laser tattoo removal and alot of birthmarks too. I know they do sell different cover make ups, but nothing like what you have.

Thanks Again ~ Angela, Australia
Here is an emailed testimony from our first eBay customer who purchased them to use for her wedding. She used makeup on top of the tattoo cover to help match her skin tone since our only color at that time "Cal Tan" was darker than her skin tone. Before she received her product she sent this email: "I have been looking via google and eBay for a product identical to yours for about 3 months and have found not a thing similar. I have spoken to make up artists, stage makeup artists, skin specialist you name it!! In Australia the only way you can cover up a tattoo is with a multitude of primers, colour correctors, cancellers, and sealers which in total are very expensive and can still smudge on to clothing. Today I was sitting on the couch feeling like I could not find anything to cover this tattoo when I thought that maybe there was something in the states not yet in Australia, and the easiest way to find things on the net in the U.S. is eBay! I typed in "tattoo cover up" and the second item listed was yours....I was so excited and so overwhelmed that I had found something. I think your product would do really well in Australia and I will be more than happy to tell anyone and everyone about it!" Then a couple weeks after she received her product she sent this email: "I think it is a great product. It covers the area very well and I can blend the colour to my skin with a bit of foundation over the top. I found the best results were by placing a little foundation on it and then some pressed powder foundation on top of that. The only thing that I think could be slightly better is your variety of available colours. (We did not have our "Fair" skin color available yet!) I have fairly pale skin, but even with pale skin a bit of foundation and cover up and it was a pretty good match! Thanks, I am happy to have paid for these! My wedding is next month. I am so happy with the simplicity but effectiveness of your product!!" 

Thanks ~ Kim W., Australia

Your product worked great! I was so happy with how it matched my skin over time, and most importantly how it stayed on after a day of swimming at the sand bar. Nobody even noticed it was there. The product is awesome, and I will continue to recommend it to anyone else who wants a tattoo cover that won't rub off or detach itself. I am also a model that was in need of a quick cover for my tattoo. This product is a great way for me to hide my tattoo from clients. Thank you so much!

Thanks So Much! ~ Ashley, Florida
Here is a testimony we received from an eBay customer who uses our covers in Nursing school:

I am a current nursing student. According to our dress code for school, we are to have tattoo's covered up. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our school actually recommended that we use band aids to cover them, but if your like me and have tattoo's on your hands, your kinda out of luck. My tattoo is located on my left hand between my thumb and pointer finger. It is about the size of a 50 cent piece. I decided that I was not wearing band aids on my hands because tons of germs can hide in them, and as a nursing student that is the last thing I need to do is harbor tons of germs on my hands! I searched online and saw a lot of make up that would work to cover it, but kept running into the same problem of me washing my hands constantly. I came across your product and thought I would give it a try. I will definitely keep buying these cover ups until I am done with school and for interviews as well! I think what I was most impressed with is the fact that I can get my hands all nice and soapy and the product stays on with no problem, keeping in mind nurses wash their hands about 100 times per day!! In fact when I go to bed at night, it is usually barely starting to come off. I put on two layers to see what it would be like and it stayed on for about 2 days. One layer did just fine for me, maybe because I only have a black and white outlined tattoo. Double layers might work better for lots of colors. I even informed the head of my nursing program if students need tattoo's covered up to please give them my email address so that I can give them your store information. Your product has helped me to maintain a professional appearance and I really appreciate that!!! 

Thank you! ~ Amanda, Indiana

Another great Testimony:

I have had a 2"X 2" tattoo on my neck for 25 years. I now work in a professional office environment and have decided to remove it. I am now going through the painful process of laser tattoo removal, which may take up to two years. After 3 treatments the tattoo is fading, but not even close to being gone. After trying many products to try to cover it up, I was about to give up. Luckily, I found Hyde, Inc. Their tattoo covers hide my tattoo so it isn't quite so obvious and they feel exactly like my own skin. I also have sensitive skin and have had no problems at all. Hyde's customer service and swiftness of delivery is second to none. If you have a question or concern, you can rest assured you will get a speedy answer and all the help you need. I look forward to using Hyde's product while I go through laser treatments. 

Thanks, Hide! ~ Shelli, Michigan

This an emailed testimony from an eBay customer in Canada who paid $57 extra to have 1 pack of covers overnighted to her for her wedding: "Thank you, the covers are perfect and saved me on my wedding day. I have been receiving laser surgery tattoo removal for months and all along I could of used your product and for so much better of a price. I live in New Brunswick but was married in Ontario at Christmas time and the covers came overnight. For my skin the color matches good, Thank goodness for your product!"

Thanks! ~ Kelly C., Canada

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