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​For best results & what to expect, make sure to read the "Suggestions" at the bottom of this page and the Entire: 
"For Best Results" Page

Application Instructions:

1. Wash application area Thoroughly. 
Skin should be clean & free of oils & makeup.

2. Cut Tattoo Cover to fit application area size and shape then remove clear, protective top sheet .

3. Press Tattoo Cover firmly onto clean, dry skin
with color facing down.

4. Hold wet cloth against back of Tattoo Cover.
Press down and make sure to wet thoroughly.

5. Wait 30 seconds (don't hurry). Peel off paper backing and gently rinse area with warm water for best effect.

6. Depending on skin type and boldness of tattoo colors,
a second application over the first cover 
may be necessary for desired coverage.

7. If so, pat the area dry with a dry cloth 
or paper towel and repeat steps 2 through 5. 

Appearance enhances over time.

To remove: Saturate Tattoo Cover 
with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil; 
wait 15 seconds, then rub away
with cotton ball or wash cloth.

Our tattoo covers are Hypoallergenic and
Proudly Made in the U.S.A. with FDA Approved Inks.

Suggestions: These covers change in appearance over time depending on skin type. They start out with a slight shine which goes away and the color darkens. Depending on how close to a joint the tattoo is, some cracking may appear but usually lessens over time. These covers do not blend perfectly with the skin but are an easy, comfortable, and mess free way to cover your tattoos. They are water proof and usually last a couple days. A second application over the first is sometimes needed for full coverage. This also gives a darker appearance than only one layer. You can apply a "Fair" colored cover over a "Cal Tan" colored cover to get an "in-between" colored flesh tone. We have a combo pack available for those who need to use the two colors together. This product works great for covering your tattoos for your job due to workplace policies regarding visible tattoos. If you are going to use it for a special occasion, try it before-hand to make sure you like the way it looks on you, as skin tones vary from person to person. Leave it on for 24 hours and see at which point it matches your skin tone the best. Some people who use them for special occasions will use makeup over the cover to blend it to their individual skin color. Just don't use "Oil Based" makeup over it as some oils will remove the cover. If applying near a joint or other “high skin movement area”, apply while skin is in a semi-stretched position to reduce cracking. Also, the "rounder" the shape you cut the cover into before applying it, the less noticeable it is. Corners on a square cover tend to catch the eyes attention a little more than a circular shape. Make sure you don't touch the adhesive face of the cover when you put it on because that can cause the part you touch not to stick to your skin. Try to hold it like you would a “CD or DVD” by its edges so you don't contaminate the adhesive. If you are cutting it into the size and shape of the tattoo, either leave the plastic protective sheet on while you cut it or be careful not to touch the adhesive on the part of the cover you will use. Please feel free to contact us with your specific situation and we will answer your questions and give you suggestions on how to get the best results from our product. You should also read the "What To Expect?" section of our web site before making your purchase. We appreciate your business!