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​Our Advanced Covers are 4 inches by 6 inches and work much better than our original covers. If you still wish to purchase our original covers which are 3 inch by 4 inch, they are available at a reduced price while supplies last!

We highly recommend purchasing a sample pack first to make sure which color works for you! Then you can purchase more of that color.

These pictures below show the original graphic used in producing our tattoo covers and are just to be used as a guide to what color our covers are after they have been applied to your skin and to show the color progression. They may be little darker or lighter than the color appears on the screen and slightly shiny. Then the shine goes away and sometimes get a little darker over the first couple days. The end result is different on every person depending on their own personal skin tone and skin type. They look and feel much more natural over the first 24 hours as the ink sets in and cures. We are constantly improving our colors every time we manufacture a new batch. We are also coming out with new colors every few months so keep checking back to see what's new.