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​I have been a self employed entrepreneur and a bit of an “inventor” for most of my life. Due to the difficult economic times facing many of us, I put my business on hold and returned to the “safety and security” of the workforce.As I attended a meeting outlining new company policies, I noticed the troubled looks of my fellow employees as the “No Visible Tattoo Policy” was spelled out. Being from Southern California, the suggestions from the company that these men and women may have to wear long sleeves and turtlenecks to cover their tattoos while in the field, especially during the summer, did not seem feasible.I immediately contacted a childhood friend and fellow entrepreneur/inventor to come up with a solution to this problem – a tattoo concealer that is easy-to-use and does the job of concealing the tattoo. The two of us, along with our wives, did extensive research to find out what options were available to consumers.

We did not feel that the products that we were able to find, including tattoo cover up makeup, addressed this growing need sufficiently. We wanted to be able to provide a way to cover any area, whether it be on an arm, leg, back, neck, etc. unobtrusively and easily. After several months of more research and trial and error, we came up with Hide Ink Tattoo Covers “The Right Way to Hide Your Ink.” Hyde, Inc. Tattoo Covers are a revolutionary new tattoo cover up that can be used to conceal tattoos due to workplace policies regarding visible tattoos or for special occasions. A category creator, we are the only product on the market offering an adhesive cover that actually feels like your skin. Hide Ink Tattoo Covers are flesh tone covers similar to the tattoos you got out of a gumball machine when you were a kid. They can be sized to only cover the tattoo and become like another layer of skin. They are not a make-up and therefore have no mess, no smearing, no smudging, and no fuss. They are waterproof, comfortable, convenient, and easy to apply in about a minute. They allow you to hide your tattoo for the day and let it show at night when you are out having fun. Making your tattoos disappear is easy with our covers. It is very cost effective as opposed to expensive makeup and far more comfortable than long sleeves and turtle necks! Hide Ink Tattoo Covers also offer a temporary alternative to tattoo removal.

Our target market was the everyday user – the employee who did not want to give up their tattoo but wanted to keep their job, and frankly, we figured most guys didn’t want to spend a couple of hours putting makeup on every morning. To our surprise, many of our customers have turned out to be brides wanting to cover a tattoo for their weddings. We did not intend for our product to be used for this, especially because we only had two skin tones developed and manufactured, which is a tan skin color and a fair skin color. We have sold them to brides in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and all over the USA. One bride in Canada paid $57 extra to have us over-night them to her for her wedding the next week and she later wrote that we had saved her wedding!

We plan to have more skin tones available in the very near future as well as other products, such as Hyde, Inc. Tattoo Cover Remover. We are always interested in feedback from our customers. If you have any comments or suggestion please feel free to contacts us. In addition, if we can offer any suggestions or tips to assist you with the application of Hide Ink Tattoo Covers, we are always here to lend a hand.

Thanks for your business!