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Tattoo cover up ideas by Hide Ink – The right way to hide your ink and cover your tattoos without any makeup, concealers, or mess. They are water proof and won't smudge or smear. Say goodbye to tattoo cover up makeup! Quickly cover up your tattoo with no makeup, concealers, or blockers. We offer a comfortable temporary alternative to tattoo removal and tattoo covering with a larger tattoo. Temporarily hide your tattoo for the workplace and then let it show when you are out having fun. Making your tattoos disappear is easy with our covers, and there is no mess. They are very cost-effective as opposed to expensive makeup, and far more comfortable than long sleeves and turtle necks! If you have to go to court and you don't want the judge to see your tattoo, use our covers to cover up your tattoo. 
They also work great for covering birthmarks and other skin imperfections.
If you have a job interview and you don't want your prospective employer to be biased because of your tattoo, Hide Ink tattoo covers are an easy way to solve your problem. If you are getting married and you don't want your tattoo to show at your wedding and you don't want to take the chance of makeup rubbing off onto your wedding dress, our covers will do the job and will never rub off onto your clothing. If you’re going to the beach or to kick back by the pool with your family and you don't want your parents or grandparents to see your tattoo, use our tattoo covers because they are waterproof and you can feel free to swim all day if you want with no worries! Hide Ink Tattoo Covers are the perfect idea to temporarily conceal your tattoos and they last a couple days. They work way better and are easier to apply than make-up concealers, and they are by far the most convenient way to camouflage your tattoo day after day if you work in a workplace with a "No Visible Tattoo Policy." There is no tattoo concealer or camouflage like our Tattoo Cover!

Featured Testimony's from eBay Customers: 

"I am a current nursing student. According to our dress code for school, we are to have tattoo's covered up. 
NO EXCEPTIONS! Our school actually recommended that we use band aids to cover them, but if your like me and have tattoo's on your hands, your kinda out of luck. My tattoo is located on my left hand between my thumb and pointer finger. It is about the size of a 50 cent piece. I decided that I was not wearing band aids on my hands because tons of germs can hide in them, and as a nursing student that is the last thing I need to do is harbor tons of germs on my hands! I searched online and saw a lot of make up that would work to cover it, but kept running into the same problem of me washing my hands constantly. I came across your product and thought I would give it a try. I will definitely keep buying these cover ups until I am done with school and for interviews as well! I think what I was most impressed with is the fact that I can get my hands all nice and soapy and the product stays on with no problem, keeping in mind nurses wash their hands about 100 times per day!! In fact when I go to bed at night, it is usually barely starting to come off. I put on two layers to see what it would be like and it stayed on for about 2 days. One layer did just fine for me, maybe because I only have a black and white outlined tattoo. Double layers might work better for lots of colors. I even informed the head of my nursing program if students need tattoo's covered up to please give them my email address so that I can give them your store information. Your product has helped me to maintain a professional appearance and I really appreciate that!!! Thank you!"
- Amanda ~ Indiana

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Using "Fair" Color Tattoo Covers at Hooters Las Vegas Casino
Your product worked great! I was so happy with how it matched my skin over time, and most importantly how it stayed on after a day of swimming at the sand bar. Nobody even noticed it was there. The product is awesome, and I will continue to recommend it to anyone else who wants a tattoo cover that won't rub off or detach itself. I am also a model that was in need of a quick cover for my tattoo. This product is a great way for me to hide my tattoo from clients. Thank you so much!
-Ashley, Florida

Another great Testimony:

I have had a 2"X 2" tattoo on my neck for 25 years. I now work in a professional office environment and have decided to remove it. I am now going through the painful process of laser tattoo removal, which may take up to two years. After 3 treatments the tattoo is fading, but not even close to being gone. After trying many products to try to cover it up, I was about to give up. Luckily, I found Hyde Ink, Their tattoo covers hide my tattoo so it isn't quite so obvious and they feel exactly like my own skin. I also have sensitive skin and have had no problems at all. Hyde's customer service and swiftness of delivery is second to none. If you have a question or concern, you can rest assured you will get a speedy answer and all the help you need. I look forward to using Hyde's product while I go through laser treatments. 

Thanks, Hide! ~ Shelli, Michigan

From Hide Ink:

Due to the boldness of the colors of some tattoos, you may need to apply a second cover over the first. The instructions on the back of the cover explain how to do this. Once applied, the cover(s) should last for a couple days. It will appear shiny & "Cracky" at first but that will go away over the first few hours and will blend in more over time. The cover(s) will look and feel more like your skin by the second day. Depending on where the tattoo is located and your skin type, some cracking may appear. If tattoo is near a "high skin movement area", apply cover while skin is in a semi-stretched position to help lessen this effect. If there is hair on the tattoo skin area, shaving the application area may help lessen cracking also. Please make sure your skin is Clean, Cool, Dry and in a semi-stretched position (but not too stretched) when you apply the cover(s). Then make sure you leave it alone for the first few hours, so it has time to cure. After that it should be very hard to get off. If it cracks, don't worry, it usually looks better after a while and gets even better by the next day as the ink sets in.These covers are not meant to be a perfect match to all skin tones and types. They are an easy and convenient way to cover your tattoos with no mess or hassle. They are both waterproof and comfortable. They are Hypoallergenic and made from FDA Approved inks! If you need them to blend in better with your skin tone because you are using them for a special occasion, several of our customers have used foundation over the cover to make it match their skin better. This also gives a smoother appearance and covers any cracking. Our covers also work great for covering birthmarks and other skin imperfections! Read the"For Best Results & What To Expect", "How-It-Works - Suggestions" , "FAQ's" and "Testimonials" section of our web site to learn more about how to get the best results and what to expect from our product.

As one of our customers said, "With a little practice, These covers work great!"

We are literally just a couple of regular guys, who along with our wives, decided to take our entire savings and invest into this crazy idea we came up with! Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we are trying to continually improve our product and service. Please communicate with us so we can help you get the best results possible. 
Thanks - Hide Ink
First Letter:

I am just writing with a suggestion. I was born with a brownish birthmark on my leg which for years I have tried to hide. I have spent the last year and a half having it lasered with not alot of success. I have looked for anything to cover it. For years I covered it with a skin tone sport tape and I've tryed the make-ups (dermablend etc..) I know there is a huge amount of people out there like me trying to hide skin imperfections. I just thought it may be another angle you could try in your advertising. I just stumbled across you on ebay. 

Great idea!! ~ 

Second Letter:

Hi Jay,

Wow! I am thrilled with the product. My wedding is coming up in October, all our family and friends are coming up to Dunk island which is a lovely little island in Australia and because of this pesky birthmark on my leg I was almost dreading having to cover my legs but now I'm not, this is life changing to me, i'm so happy and so greatful. I have spent so much on laser removal with not alot of success. They had been telling me don't worry, just cover it with make up (don't know if you've ever tryed them, they are a pain) I will be telling them about your product at the clinic. They do alot of laser tattoo removal and alot of birthmarks too. I know they do sell different cover make ups, but nothing like what you have.

Thanks again so much,


"Hide Ink...the name says it all...the product does it all."

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